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Quoted in Minutes: Does it take you half a day or more to get pricing and availability from a wholesaler, and then weeks to get equipment?

Air Mechanical Solutions can get you a tracking number before others get you "pricing and availability." Say goodbye to sluggish responsiveness and 6-8 week lead times. We have one of the the largest inventories of Bard Equipment and parts on the east coast ready for immediate delivery, and we love to assist customers in finding the right unit for the job.

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Bard HVAC for schools

Under Budget, Over Expectations

Teachers love the ability to control the learning environment. Superintendents love the cost savings and zero system-wide downtime, while maintenance departments love the easy hometown maintenance. See how Bard's climate control systems can simplify your HVAC system and budget.


HVAC for telecom structures

Industrial Strength Climate Control

No one has done electrical switch gear houses and telecommunications shelters longer or better than Bard. We're continually engineering the industry's premiere wall-mountable package units for your demanding applications. In 20+ years Bard has had ZERO first test failures by independent AHRI testing.


Commercial applications

Think Outside the Box on the Roof

Eliminate holes in the roof and equipment platforms on commercial applications with Wall Mountable HVAC. Easy to install and built to last, Bard Wall-mounts provide the ultimate in convenience and practicality. Bard makes 1,551 different HVAC units designed for inside and outside walls, so no matter what configuration you need, Bard has it.